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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

hey everyone

well im sorry that my last entry was so negative. there is heaps of stuff that i really want to tell the web but it makes it hard to do that when i know that im getting assesed on my blog. i have just been reading some articles on neuro-cam, i find it really interesting but i dont think that i would join it as i have no idea what they are doing, i guess though that that is the basis of its appeal. if anyone can tell me anything at all about it then plz do so.
well on a lighter note i did get my learners(bad last name and all) and i am going for my first drive tomorrow night! i am soooooo excited. also in a moment of stupidity i sent my ex bf telling him how much i miss him. why am i so stupid?!?!?!? i swear, sometimes i should just be put in a straight jacket and not be allowed out of a white padded room.
well ill talk to you all later


At 7:19 PM, Blogger brunette barbie said...

hhahaha lol im sure that its not that bad jords ur ex ( im assuming that its duncan) will love bein told how much u miss him and whats wrong with telling the truth..meh ....dont worry bout it hun...mmm my makeup and hair is gettin done at joshae in clifton springs,i used to work there for a while so its all good.... im getting my tan tonight at body bronze im pretty pumped lol ok this is a long one lol
catch hun
xoxo hootchi

At 4:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, where do you act. I act too, In america, where r u from?


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