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Monday, May 09, 2005

boring old stuff

well today was another boring old day at school. i went out for cofee after though so that was all good, i went with two of my mates. im starting to get worried coz they have been really close lately adn now they are going to the movies just the two of them on friday night. this would be fine but they both have a partner and im getting left out! sounds selfish but i cant help it, just the way that i am. i also had my ex bf call last night while he was drunk and he was just being an all round wanker! on a good not though i am going out for cofee on wednesday with this incredibly hot guy! his name is....well lets just call him x for now. i have known x for about a year and a half and he finally got up the courage to ask me out for coffee, he told me that he thought that i was out of his league......yeah right! he's so hot! well i shall keep you all posted on what happens, god i hope he never ever reads this. lol.
special hi to miss bell as i know she is reading this.
ciao bella's


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